Consideration while Filing a Provisional Hong Kong Patent Application


A provisional application can also be subject from the patent office as It is a sub edition of formal patent program and will serve to give a date of invention, and a priority date. The provisional application cannot issue to a US patent since it would not be assessed by the patent office. But it will be left by the Patent Office if it does not replaced by real patent within 12 months. Thus it will become useless to the inventor. To summaries we could say that if inventor is not able to file a genuine patent application within a year, the provisional one is going to expire.


That is the reason the inventor who’s filing a provisional patent application must remember he will need to submit a first application in less than a year after the public presentation of this invention. The arrangement of filling a provisional application is same like first besides the claims can be not there. All this was mentioned in the section 112 of the patent legislation. Bear in mind that each of the descriptions of your creation should be in written form. It should include the practice of making and method of its utilization. The description should be clear, concise and precise.

According to legislation there are two prerequisites of filling a Provisional patent application hong kong; empowering and the best mode. People, who have already filed an application, understand the signification of both of these terms. And those that are new in this regard should evaluate these conditions carefully to be able to understand their requirements in application.

  1. Allowing or Facilitate – when assessing the invention, the trademark registration hong kong should Bring adequate details so the reader who’s linked to the area can easily actually construct and use the invention.
  1. Very best mode- The inventor should not conceal any merit in addition to demerit linked to the creation and take advantage of the invention. For illustration if he’s aware that certain data associated with the construction in a much better manner than the specified one which it is believed that the inventor is not setting the best mode of this creation.