Understanding and engaging development in youth

Youth or adolescence are seen and known as a phase of evolution. “The developmental activities of a specific life stage are such abilities, knowledge and capabilities that an individual must acquire or grasp to be able successfully to proceed to the subsequent phase” (Heaven, 2001, p. 5). Growth encompasses the span of evolution from ages 13 to 24 but. It is the point before they are considered an adult a person goes through and it happens with everyone. Young men and women have been in many ways forced to the practice of getting an adult through forces like cognitive growth alcoholism and expectations. These forces put queries and developmental activities which they have never had to cope up to this stage.


For a teenager at the beginning of the century questions and those tasks are harder than ever. Young people today are faced with a changing and growing understanding of what it means to become the issues and a grownup they are challenged with. Adolescence is a lot more than preceding generations; the typical age for menarche is lower than previously, more young men and women experience post-school instruction (thus more dependent on their parents for much more ), the erosion of social and family support networks and effortless access to alcohol, drugs and other life threatening chemicals (Heaven, 2001).

Regardless of what their Circumstances are being a teenager is a period in life where they are currently attempting to answer questions about themselves and they are a part of. Erikson (Erikson, 1968, p. 165) says that is vital facet of development during those years is reaching a feeling of emotional well-being, a feeling of knowing where one is moving. Forming an identity is an over-riding attention of childhood development but what generating individuality resembles at various phases of adolescence is very important to comprehend.

Heaven talks about four phases of individuality status. All these are: Identity diffusion not made personal commitments to some beliefs, values and jobs, individuality foreclosure (made private commitment to particular values, beliefs, okay behaviors and research or job – but have not faced a catastrophe making them battle and consider bashir dawood alternatives, individuality moratorium might be undergoing a catastrophe, but still have not made decisions or a private commitment and identity achievement maturity and identity creation. Identity crises happen to be successfully solved.